Health Account Data believes that administering Health Benefit Accounts (HBAs) is much more than a software problem. The solutions we offer include software, but that is only part of the answer. The software platform handles the mechanics of the HBA - the accounting for balances, payments, in-flows and out-flows - accurately and efficiently. Complex (and important) as that may be, the services we bundle with our solution ensure your overall success with HBAs.

Let us show you how to keep your benefits, but change the funding so that you save money on healthcare—starting today.


HealthAccountPro is the software component of Health Account Data's total Health Benefit Account (HBA) administration solution.

Patented Technology
HealthAccountPro's patented technology ensures absolute accuracy in administering the complex benefits structures of Consumer Driven Health Plans. Our proprietary benefits stack administration tools provide complete confidence in handling the most complex stack of HDHPs, HRAs, HSAs, FSAs and other plan types. Our patent information is:

  • US 8,515,781 B2
  • Issued 8/20/2013

HealthAccountPro was built from the ground up for flexibility. In the rapidly evolving world of Health Benefits Accounts, adaptability is paramount—regulatory changes can occur rapidly and your systems must be flexible enough to accommodate these changes. HealthAccountPro is built specifically to adapt to changes that will occur over the coming years.

As important as these other attributes are, the administrator has to be able to configure the solution rapidly and operate it efficiently. With HealthAccountPro, most TPAs can administer CDHPs for their existing clients with no increase in processing staff. And our wizards speed setting up even the most complicated benefit plans.

HealthAccountPro has been tested for high transaction volume and our ASP model ensures that it can grow with your business. We take care of ensuring that you have enough processing and storage capacity—you simply take care of your clients.


Health Account Data understands that implementing Health Benefit Accounts is about much more than technology. Our sponsor and member education and communication tools ensure that your clients, and their employees, are making the right decision so that the health Benefit Accounts yields the maximum value for everyone. Our tools are designed to strengthen your relationship with benefits consultants, plan sponsors and members.

Plan design examples
Based on the goals of the plan sponsor, Health Account Data offers sample plan designs to meet these goals. While specific plan designs should be created by qualified professionals, these templates serve as discussion documents for sponsors and their advisors and highlight the range of possibilities available under HBAs and that can be administered using HealthAccountPro.

Sponsor Configurator
The online sponsor configurator allows the consultant to screen clients for potential implementation of HBAs and helps them to establish preliminary plan design parameters.

Member Configurator
Health Account Data's online tool aids members with the initial scenario building exercises necessary to understand the impact of decisions they make regarding benefits elections.

Education materials for sponsors
Web-based and printable materials that provide a "how to" guide to selecting, implementing and administering HBAs.

Education materials for members
Web-based and printable materials to support the implementation process so that members may understand what their plans do (and do not do) for them, how to sign up, how to make the right choices, how to get help, etc.

Education materials for benefits consultants
Web-based and printable materials for consultants to help them educate their clients and make the proper choices.

Roll-Out Materials
An educational guide, in-service materials, FAQs and other materials assist sponsors with their implementation efforts.

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