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Want to find out more? Please contact Health Account Data to schedule an on-line demo and to discuss how Health Benefit Accounts can work for you.


  1. If you could show me a way to keep control over future healthcare costs --- I would be interested in learning more about it ( ask about Health Account Data’s data vault capabilities )
  2. I would like more information about all of the health benefit account tools available to me today ( ask about information on HSA’s HRA’s, FSA’s, 401H, accounts )
  3. I would like you to show me how health benefit accounts can save my members and employers tax money ( ask about the tax savings calculations )
  4. I would like to understand how to connect all the elements of healthcare management into one easy to use proven system ( ask about security, HIPAA compliance, audit security, Sarbanes-Oxley )
  5. Can you show me ideas for health plan designs that could save me time and money ( ask about Hybrid plans, and account stacking capabilities, etc.)
  6. Can you show me how I can set up a complete turnkey CDHP program for my group ( ask about plan design documents, legal help, education of employees to use the system )
  7. Is this affordable? ( ask for a proposal! )

Call Gary at (612) 490-2205 or (612) 600-0650. Also feel free to send your questions in an e-mail to

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phone (612) 490-2205 or (612) 600-0650