About Us

Health Account Data is the leading provider of administration solutions for Health Benefits Accounts, including:

  • High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

We believe that the administration of health care plans can be done better, smarter and more efficiently. Health Account Data provides software, services including education and communication materials, and configuration assistance to ensure the success of your Health Benefit Account implementation.

Health Account Data provides total solutions to serve the rapidly expanding Consumer Driven Health Plan market. Leveraging our expertise in healthcare, software and finance, Health Account Data works closely with plan sponsors and administrators to communicate, integrate, and administer the complex mix of benefits available under today's insurance and tax laws. We develop long -term relationships with our clients so we can continue to bring them the best solutions as consumer-driven healthcare and tax laws evolve.

Health Account Data has the experience, expertise, and agility to make HBAs work for you.

Our Philosophy

Over the past 30 years, consumers have become increasingly isolated from the cost of healthcare. The time has come to bring consumers back into the equation. Health Benefit Accounts promise to return options and choice to each of us as healthcare consumers, along with the knowledge of the costs associated with those choices. For many it is eye opening to see the full cost of a hospital stay or even an office visit, but knowing allows us to be more responsible as consumers.

We believe that healthcare should serve the needs of:

  • Consumers – Consumers should have options, choice and control over the health care services they receive, including the right to choose the best course of treatment and providers for their specific situation. Consumers should be encouraged to understand the costs of healthcare and make informed decisions about treatment options, as well as the economic impact of those decisions. Consumers should be protected against catastrophic expenses associated with serious illnesses or accidents.
  • Healthcare providers – The doctor-patient relationship should be returned to the prominent position it once held in relation to healthcare treatment, encouraging doctors and patients to jointly determine a course of treatment that fits their needs and budget.
  • Employers and Sponsors – We should attack the runaway cost increases so that sponsors can continue to afford to participate in the funding of healthcare, utilizing the efficiencies of group financing.

Any changes to the healthcare system must accomplish the goals above with minimal disruption to the sponsor, the administrator and the member.

Health Account Data was founded to support the evolution of healthcare by providing:

  • Knowledge – about the risks and benefits of Health Benefit Accounts, how to use them, and how to successfully implement them.
  • Service – education and tools for members and sponsors, coupled with excellent service on our products.
  • Solutions – elegantly and seamlessly easing the complexity of the administration of health benefit accounts, ensuring success for administrators, sponsors, and members.

Health Account Data develops solutions that integrate with existing plans and help sponsors prepare for the future.

Health Account Data solutions help plan sponsors keep their benefits and change their funding.


Gary Helm - CEO and Partner

Gary is the CEO and Partner of Health Account Data LLC and is responsible for the development and implementation of Health Account Data LLC's product and services for clients firm-wide. He is familiar with managing the development of new programs and services that will assist employers and individuals with health care reform and costs associated with health insurance and other benefits. These new services will provide employers an opportunity to maintain lower health care costs and manage administration of benefits and comply with health care reform. We look forward to introducing these services to you.

A graduate of St. Cloud State University, Gary has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He holds a Managed Healthcare Professional (MHP) designation.

Gerald Cathcart - COO and Partner

Jerry has been active in the healthcare industry for 25+ years, working with sector leaders including United HealthGroup, HealthPartners, and Affiliated Computer Services. He has extensive management experience in the planning, design, development and implementation of computer applications and business processes in healthcare operations. Specific experience includes business process improvement, systems integration, applications development/support, project management and business information analysis. He is expert at the rapid, practical and economic application of technology to business needs and operations in the healthcare environment.

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