HealthAccountPro is patented software that ensures absolute accuracy in administering complex benefits structures of Consumer Driven Health Plans. Proprietary software allows the full stacking of Consumer Driven Healthcare benefits.

Our easy to use tools provide complete confidence in handling the most complex plans, including HDHPs, HRAs, HSAs, FSAs and any combination. Click on the links below to find out more on how HealthAccountPro can help you.

Keep Your Benefits, Change Your Funding

Consumer Driven Health Plans hold the promise of saving money today on your healthcare benefits. But do you know all the challenges you face implementing your Health Benefit Accounts (HBAs)? We do - and we can help.

The Alphabet Soup Can Be Confusing

Health Account Data offers a total solution for Health Benefit Account administration, including HRAs, HSAs, HDHPs and FSAs.

Our comprehensive approach to managing Health Benefit Accounts ensures your success.

Our Total Solution Ensures Your Success

  • Member/Sponsor Education
  • Accurate Accounting
  • Patented Technology to administer stacked benefits
  • Easily integrates with existing claims system
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